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Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2017

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Speculating on the scope of Digital Marketing in India, besides pondering over ‘why to take up Digital Marketing as a Career’? The answer to this lies in the undeniable fact that Web is the new eternal king ruling across the globe, inspiring new technologies and strategies in the marketing world. And as it has been evident in the recent years, making strides in the world of marketing and promotions, Digital Marketing has been driving brands to heights!

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With the world going digital, the scope of Digital Marketing in India has inflated substantially. The online presence of organizations has become incredibly vital these days. And to do so, the urge to hire qualified professionals has escalated manifolds. This has led to emergence of various digital marketing courses, across the Educational industry, to provide the requisite knowledge of the field and available work opportunities to youth of India. Although numerous centers are offering respective courses, Creative-I Technologies offers the best Digital Marketing courses in Patiala.

For your brief knowledge, enlisted below are some of the significant reasons enough to validate the skyrocketing scope of Digital Marketing, besides exploring the field and being a part of this surging industry.

  • Surging Job Market

With digitization, the companies are going bonkers over having online presence and this has led to the estimated generation of over 1.5 lakh job opportunities in this industry. Careers in Digital Marketing are no less than hot shots for students and IT professionals, owing to the industry’s over 40% growth rate. Moreover, the statistics of over 1 lac jobs on Quikr, 11k on Naukri and so on, the immense opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry are beyond evident.

  • Digital Marketing: Fields & Profiles

The lucrative domains worth exploring in Digital Marketing include- Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics.
Furthermore, the existent Digital Marketing job profiles encompass DM Executives, DM Specialists, DM Managers and DM Strategists, Social Media Marketing Experts, Copywriters, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, Search Engine Optimization Marketer and so on. These professionals work for strategizing, executing and success of the Digital Marketing campaigns of the organizations.

To well equip the individuals and students striving to make this field a successful career, we offer top-notch Digital Marketing courses in Patiala at Creative-I Technologies. Our SEO training in Patiala, with 2 months internship is directed at giving intensive training experience in SEO to the beginners.

  • Booming E-commerce Industry

India is optimistically escalating with fast pace when it comes to the growth of E-commerce in the coming years. It has been estimated that the number of Indians availing online services, shall touch 240 million mark, by 2019. Thus, online shoppers, amid the web users in India, may mount up to about 70.7 percent. Furthermore, the Indian retail e-commerce sales are predicted to take positive leaps from nearly 16 billion USD in 2016 to over 45 billion USD in 2012.

  • Future of Advertising: Era of Digital Marketing

seo course in patialaWeb, undoubtedly, has become a treasure trove for everyone seeking information. According to the surveys, it has been depicted that India shall witness the number of web users elevate twice, to 730 million by 2020, in comparison to 350 million at the closing of the year 2015. Internet has invaded every individual’s life- be it socializing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or shopping brands at Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, or finding amazing destinations to travel, booking flights & hotels or working & earning from home.

Furthermore, besides the users, the marketing trends being adopted companies have also taken a drastic full on digital trend. With massive emphasis on advertising products and companies on social media like Facebook, Instagram; the list of advertising digital platforms here is unquestionably extensive!

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  • The Ever Evolving Industry

The work schedules in this industry can never grow monotonous, for the simple reason that introduction of avant-garde technologies and softwares aid in skillful learning, besides the enhanced experience to its professionals.

This ever blooming field of marketing, using digital media besides more, promises successful and lucrative careers to its professionals, in the times ahead. For further tips and tricks to staying ahead in this racing field, join us and be a part of our Live SEO projects.