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August 26, 2016


Creative-I Technologies holds expertize in the field of Brochure designing and aims to use this means to create awareness about your services & products at a large scale, by reaching out to the potential users. An aptly designed brochure is a substantial marketing tool that possesses the ability to utilize your ideas as a profitable approach.

Enhancing the viewers’ visual experiences via content enriched high quality brochures with proficient graphics & illustration designs, we aim to draw in customers towards your merchandise. Creative-I Technologies’ Brochure designing services target conceptual & design features of brochures to influence readers. Our brochure designs intend to boost our client’s promotion strategies to a great extent as the graphic elements used by our designers ensure to deliver your message to the clients with considerable impact.

We also deal in e-Brochures or Web Brochures; quickly distributable, compact & aesthetically empowered booklets prove cost effective as they can be sent directly to your clients via emails. Collaborate with us and choose the befitting pattern from the variety of brochure styles we have in our treasure trove.

Types Of Brochures

Tri-fold Brochures

The most common type of brochures, these tri-fold brochures are preferred the most while planning for a marketing campaign. Have the tri-fold brochures designed from the best brochure writing agency in Delhi and scale up your marketing tactics.

Bi-fold Brochures

Made with sheets of paper that are folded in half, these bi-fold brochures are perfect for catalogs, product presentations, corporate meetings, introductions, etc.

Presentation Folders

Professional looking and reliable, presentation folders are perfect when you are conducting a corporate meeting. This brochure is generally bi-fold, with printed inserts and business card pockets.


Booklets are nothing but multi-page bi-fold brochures, which are bound together to put together all the information in a professional manner. If you are looking for brochure designing in Delhi, hire us!