performance marketing with ppc services in patiala.
August 29, 2016


At Creative-I Technologies, Patiala, we offer PPC or Pay Per Click online advertising & campaigning services to help your organization websites rank higher in online searches. PPC advertising model is used globally for directing traffic onto websites; the administrators get their share as & when the advertisements are clicked on by the viewers. PPC management involves supervising and maintaining a Pay Per Click campaign; our professionals with experience across the years in PPC management, delineate effective and successful budget friendly PPC campaigns best suited for your organization. We also keep track of performance reviews from the management and our clients, to reform and generate productive results from our future PPC campaigning functions.

Our PPC Management services and marketing insights ensure dominating search engine results, with your business acquiring a notable presence across various search networks besides effectively luring the relevant traffic to your website. At Creative-I Technologies, Patiala, our PPC Management services proffer operational focus on precise geographic locations and various devices separately; we also run language specific campaigns to yield instant and rewarding outcomes for your organizations.

Pay per click represent a model of internet marketing where an advertiser run an ad and he will get charged if there will be a click on his ad. Advertiser pay a fees every time on his ad whenever he will get clicked. The most popular type of pay per click ad is search engine advertisement.

We create PPC Campaigns that deliver immediate results

PPC Strategy

We develop a proper plan of action and strategies to deliver the desirable result and help you to achieve the main objective of your company.


We ensure to deliver that strategy by creating accounts at new networks and allows you to have a great relationship with network owner.


We use the best techniques to target the keywords and ensure to cover the right area, by placing the right keywords at the right place.

AdCopy writing

We focus strictly on the age group’s keywords to ensure the higher traffic and more growth at the lower cost.

Ad extension

We provide you with the ad extension technique to transform your ad text and make you stand out of the crowd, differently.

Shopping Ads

We focus on promoting your stock by organizing and optimizing your product listing and shopping campaigns, by indicating the appropriate keywords for the right product.


We ensure monitoring and tracking every data to optimize the account going forward.

PPC optimization

We focus on delivering the better services. Higher CTR and lower CPS is what makes a huge difference.


To offer the meaningful insight, we provide the reports on regular basis to indicate you what we have been working and how we are performing against your key metrics.